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A Judicial System for the Internet Era

What is the background image?

The background image is a Ekklesiasterion (ἐκκλησιαστήριον), the auditorium where the Greek Assembly met.

Ancient Greeks knew that corruption posed a serious threat to their judicial system. To minimize such risk, juries were made of tens or hundreds of people randomly chosen shortly before the trial. A judge or a small court could be bribed. It’s harder to bribe a crowd. But how can a large jury deliberate and issue a verdict? How can someone who is not an expert in forensic techniques evaluate complex evidence?

Athenian jury system relied on reputation. Jurors defined their vote by following their trusted experts. The shape of the ekklesiasterion was optimized for each citizen to see all the others and quickly find their trusted expert. This is how the Athenian judicial system enjoyed the advantages of a reputation system and low corruption.

CrowdJury is based on similar principles, adapted to the digital age.

What Is It?

Justice without lawyers or courthouses

Crowdjury is an online platform that crowdsources judicial proceedings: filing of complaints, evaluation of evidence, trial and jury verdict.

CrowdJury plataform
CrowdJury plataform

Fast, affordable, transparent justice

Crowdjury algorithms are optimized to reach a true verdict for each case, quickly and at minimal cost.

Do well by doing good

Jurors and Researchers from the crowd are rewarded in Bitcoin. You help do good, you earn money.

CrowdJury plataform


Matt, a civil servant, discovers that this boss, the Secretary, takes bribes from government contractors.


Matt reports the offense in CrowdJury.org.


Evidence Discovery

Evidence (photos, docs, videos) are stored in a secure vault. Other witnesses provide additional evidence.


Fact Checking

Facts are checked by self-selected experts from the crowd.



The trial takes place online and is broadcasted to the public. Any user can interrogante the defendant and comment on the evidence.



A collective jury of randomly selected users decides whether the defendant is guilty or not.



All who helped by reporting the wrongdoing, gathering evidence, checking facts and voting as jurors are rewarded in Bitcoin.


Absolute transparency

Evidence and jury decisions are recorded in the blockchain and are fully auditable.

Justice as a service

See The Magic

The client hires us and say who is to blame . Fast, accurate , easy and audited in blockchain.

Crowdjury is based on principles of collective intelligence known to the Ancient Greek.

Juries were formed by tens or hundreds of people chosen shortly before the trial. A small jury could be bribed or intimidated. But it was harder to bribe or intimidate a large crowd. Jurors were selected with a randomization device called kleroterion (Κληρωτήριον), a stone block with a series of slots arranged in rows where every citizen introduced his personal identification card (called pinakia).

The Greek Assembly met in a building called ekklesiasterion (ἐκκλησιαστήριον). The architectural shape of the ekklesiasterion was optimized for each juror to see all the others and quickly find their trusted expert in each subject. This was critical for each individual citizen to decide their vote.

Through the use of collective intelligence, Athens had fast, inexpensive and transparent trials.

Crowdjury is based on similar principles, adapted to the digital age. An algorithm optimizes a number of variables that determine the composition of the jury and the kind of evidence needed to arrive at an accurate and fast verdict at the minimal cost.


Gaming Communities


Mart is playing a tournament in an online gaming community.An admin suspects Mart is cheating.

From his admin panel, he saves a game and uploads it into Crowdjury.

Mart's performance is analyzed by a panel of expert gamers.

The following day, the admin receives the verdict:'Crowdjury has determined that Mart is using unlawful software to improve his performance'.

Mart is disqualified from the tournament.

Car Insurance


Sasha had a car accident. She goes to her insurance company: “Cost of repair is $1,000”. The company replies: “Our experts think it only costs $300”

Sasha and the insurance company file a claim on Crowdjury for arbitration. They provide as evidence the insurance contract, repair budgets by 2 auto mechanics and pictures of the crashed car.

A day later, they receive an email: “Crowdjury determined that the value of the repair is $400”.


Software Patent Dispute

Software Patent Dispute

Technology Inc. accuses Software Inc. of software patent violation: “Software Inc. unlawfully copied Ultra Fast Processing Algorithm, developed by Technology Inc.”

Technology Inc. files a complaint on Crowdjury and provides as evidence lines of code and proprietary algorithms.

Evidence is distributed in a panel of software and patent experts.

The verdict comes months later: “Crowdjury has determined that Software Inc. is not guilty. Software Inc. algorithms do not bear enough resemblance to Technology Inc., Ultra Fast Processing Algorithm, to assert they were copied”.

Results of the tests are made public, for anyone to replicate.




Andy, a researcher in biology, has just finished an academic paper. He makes a submission to the Journal of Biology.

The editor uploads the paper in Crowdjury. The paper is submitted to a panel of experts to review the quality of research.

A few weeks later, Andy receives an email: “Crowdjury determined that the paper is accepted to be published, provided that the following changes are made…”

Crowdjury guarantees a transparent academic review procedure by experts.

The Team

We are an interdisciplinary team with expertise in economics, legal philosophy, blockchain, coding, design and startups. We have come together with a world-changing goal: to reimagine the judicial system for the collaboration era.

Francisco Gomez Salaverri


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